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Miracle Systems, LLC Unit Security Mgr. Assistant/Cyber Liaison in Shaw AFB, South Carolina

  • USM/CL is the squadron's point of contact for all matters relating to squadron security and information assurance. In their security role, they also function as Special Security Representative (SSR) and Top Secret Control Officer (TSCO) as necessary. The contractor manages and shall help maintain control over squadron's physical, industrial, information, and personnel security as well as the practices and procedures which are employed. As the UIAR, this individual shall help manage all matters related to information assurance

  • The Contractor shall provide to the unit leadership analytical, advisory, management, technical and functional support required for the operational execution of the 432d WG’s collateral and Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI) security programs

  • The Contractor shall provide direct assistance in the form of technical and functional support to primary and alternate squadron security assistants and to establish and train security assistants and Special Security Representatives (SSRs) and functions including but not limited to program management, scheduling training events, implementation of HHQ, Defense Security Service (DSS), Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCID), Joint Air Force, Army, Navy Directives, Office Personnel Management (OPM) and wing security policies and edicts

  • The Contractor shall coordinate with primary and alternate security assistants to plan, input and execute training and squadron duties IAWsecurity AFIs and security policy directives applying to the unit. This includes performing duties as an active security assistant

  • The Contractor shall maintain extensive knowledge of security program management and decision making processes

  • The Contractor may travel to additional security training, conferences, etc to fulfill continuing education and security requirements of the unit (as required). All travel rates shall be in accordance FAR 31.205-46 and the Joint Travel Regulations. Travel must be approved by the Program Management Office and the Contracting Officer in advance. No profit shall be paid for travel

  • The Contractor shall provide support to the unit by ensuring aircrew and support personnel have the required clearances and access. In/Out process unit personnel ensuring all initial training and debriefs are accomplished

  • The Contractor shall have a working knowledge of the indoctrination and debrief process for SCI cleared personnel to include pre-screening interviews, nomination requests and work as a Special Security Representative to conduct SCI indoctrinations and debriefs with appropriate JPAS Clearances

  • The Contractor shall provide guidance to unit leadership with the ability to quickly and convincingly mediate competing security requirements

  • The Contractor shall provide technical support in the design, development, and coordination of weekly and monthly training IAW appropriate syllabi and governing directives

  • The Contractor shall be in coordination with the squadron security assistants, unit training managers and scheduling, research and track training information for the formulation of the monthly/quarterly/yearly training calendar to ensure compliance with all required training

  • The Contractor shall independently interpret and prepare security program guidance and initiate policies, annually review and revise squadron Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), review, revise and test the EmergencyAction Plan (EAP) and guidelines that meet requirements and AFI directives

  • The Contractor shall maintain programs to track status of SCI, NATO and collateral clearances on all assigned personnel as required. Do the same for Special Access Program/Special Access Required (as required)

  • The Contractor shall notify personnel, their supervisor/flight commander, and the unit commander when they reach sixty days prior to the expiration of their current clearance and assist personnel in initiating their Periodic Review for security clearances

  • The Contractor shall maintain a working knowledge of the SF 86 (EQIP) and train individuals on how to properly complete the EQIP process. Coordinate completion of SF 86 (EQIP) packages with individual and security assistants. After reviewing completed packages for any errors submit for review and assist individuals in certifying and submitting their investigations

  • The Contractor shall provide data inputs and data interpretation of security information in Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) tracking program. Send, receive, and coordinate visit requests for personnel via JPAS. Work closelywith base Personnel Security office to check status of EQIPs with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Defense Security Service (DSS) and ACC

  • The Contractor shall work with installation information protection representativeand Special Security Office (SSO) on personnel who have established personnel security incident reports

  • The Contractor shall work with Anti-Terrorism Office, SSO, ACC and leadership in coordinating foreign travel as it pertains to a particular travel destination

  • The Contractor shall assist facilitymanagers in procuring and maintaining their Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to include coordinating with vendors and contractors to procure systems, place calls on the maintenance contracts, escort IDS technicians, assist in troubleshooting IDS systems and ensure personnel have the appropriate training and badging on IDS systems and other physical security requirements to maintain facility accreditation

  • The Contractor shall help coordinate visits and work with other contractors and base agencies for all construction related projects. Contractor will stay informed on the progress of projects and help ensure that security requirements are met by construction personnel

  • The Contractor shall assist Government personnel in conducting security inspections and compliance reviews in accordance with applicable directives for facilities where classified information is accessed, processed, or stored in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the security program

  • The Contractor shall assist Government personnel in conducting accountability, storage, inventory, disposition, destruction, format and use of an approved badging system to manage the administration of the alarms systems within unit secure facilities, SCIF, and PL3 areas. The contractor shall administer the wing’s Random Entry/Exit Inspection monthly

  • The Contractor shall record and track security program action items and suspense dates to include assisting with the coordination of DD254, DoD contract security classification specification. The Contractor shall track other contractors who work in that unit and maintain their industrial security program and report changes to the appropriate offices

  • The Contractor shall track, monitor, advise, and interpret for currency entire Security library and squadron representative’s functional area binders: perform or coordinate required self-inspections of unit programs

  • The Contractor shall establish and maintain any additional future advanced security programs necessary to meet the unit’s mission needs

  • The Contractor shall run an efficient office by performing miscellaneous and clerical duties as required: maintain the flow of correspondence with regard to signatures and concurrence ensuring that all deadlines are met

  • The Contractor shall make necessary arrangements for local meetings, conferences, and training at least weekly

  • The Contractor shall attend conferences, meetings, working groups, and symposiums semi-annually in which broad aspects of applicable security programs and SCIF management are discussed and decided upon

  • The Contractor shall assist in handling all reporting responsibilities associated with breaches in security

  • The Contractor shall manage and implement the security programs in accordance with appropriate regulations to include Executive Orders, Intelligence Community Directives and Policy Guidance, DoD Manuals, Air Force Instructions, and local guidance

  • The Contractor shall develop, implement, oversee, and maintain an organizational IA program that identifies IA requirements, personnel, processes, and procedures

  • The Contractor shall supervise and implement the organizational IA program. Ensure all DoD, AF, and local IA policies and procedures are used according to current IA publications

  • The Contractor shall ensure all users have the requisite security clearances, supervisory need-to-know authorization, and are aware of their IA responsibilities (via annual IA training) before being granted access to Air Force ISs according to AFI 33-200 & AFMAN 33-282

  • The Contractor shall report IA incidents or vulnerabilities to the wing IA office and in coordination with the wing IA office, initiate protective or corrective measures when an IA incident or vulnerability is discovered

  • The Contractor shall act as a first responder to network events and works with client support administrator(s) and unit security assistants(s) in resolving classified message incidents & classified information spillages

  • The Contractor shall implement and maintain required information assurance (IA) countermeasures (to include computer security and Emission Security (TEMPEST) and initiating all requests for temporary and/or permanent exceptions, deviations, or waivers to IA requirements or criteria

  • The Contractor shall ensure their unit members/customers know and understand those tasks the unit IAO is responsible to assist them with, to include but not limited to:

  • The Contractor shall process NIPR and/or SIPR account requests using the appropriate modified DD FM 2875 System Authorization Access Request form for permanent-party members and sending said 2875's to the Host Wing IA Office (WIAO)

  • The Contractor shall send Shaw TDY templates to the gaining unit IAO for personnel, hardware, and software requests. Review same before submitting to the Host WIAO

  • The Contractor shall submit Portable Electronic Devices (PED) activation requests to the 99 ABW Host WIAO for approval & activation

  • The Contractor shall submit any/all PED statements of agreement to Host WIAO

  • The Contractor shall submit software & hardware approval requests to the Host WIAO for approval before installing on the Shaw enterprise networks, etc.

  • Minimumof three (3) years working in/with the military and two (2) years of experience in an MQ-1/9 or RQ-170 squadron and one (1) year DOD security program experience and two (2) years of experience in a focal point program and Completion of the Special Security Officer Course (SSOC) and Industrial Security Training and Personnel Security Training


Minimum of three (3) years working with the military and three (3) years DOD security programexperience (SCIF access/requirements knowledge highly desired).

ID: 2020-1113

External Company Name: Miracle Systems, LLC

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Street: Shaw AFB